Congratulations to Larry Hobbs for his induction to the AIM/R Hall of Fame!

Larry receiving his AIM/R H.O.F. Award from Charlie in October.

Larry receiving his AIM/R Hall of Fame award from Charlie in October.

“We are proud to announce, Larry Hobbs, the retired owner and President of Carr Company, was officially inducted into the Association of Manufacturers’ Representatives (AIM/R) Hall of Fame.  The ceremony took place at AIM/R’s annual conference at the Biltmore Hotel in Miami Florida on October 19th, 2016.  Larry was one of three reps inducted to the Hall of fame that evening.  What a great honor!”  

 Michael Hobbs


About Us

Carr Company was founded over 70 years ago by George and Edith Carr to sell plumbing products.  Their first line was Schaible Faucets, Edith’s father’s company.  George and Edith had a passion for the industry and quickly grew the company as a result of hard work, solid relationships and the desire to be the best.

Since then, little has changed in our philosophy.  Plumbing is our religion – our passion.  We have four generations of industry experience and we still believe in the basics: hard work, relationships and the unquenching desire to be the best.

We strive to bring the most value to everyone in our channel: manufacturers, wholesalers, contractors, builders, engineers and architects.


  • Home Office and Warehouse in Boca Raton, FL with 20,000 square feet on five acres.
  • Warehouse utilizes pallet racking and forklifts to maximize 26 ft warehouse ceilings.
  • Job quotations, order processing, billing, inventory control, purchasing, sales analysis and accounting functions are managed with an in-house computer utilizing SHIMS system.
  • Computer maintained Customer and Industry Segment database with Contact Management Software coordinated with the Construction Journal job reporting Service. EDI in use with key customers, Incoming W.A.T.S. and Fax lines.

Industry Associations

Member & Support – AIM/R (3 CPMR certifications), DPHA, HARDI, ASPE, SEBC, PHCC, NKBA, SWA, ASA, FAPGMI Industry Partners. Appointments – Former AIM/R President, Current VP of Education AIM/R, ASA White Paper Committee, Supplier Advisory Council for SWA, Georgia Energy Solar Association (GSEA), American Solar Energy Society, ASA Young Exec.