Carr Company is a full-service manufacturer’s representative firm serving Florida and the Carribean.  Our goal is to add value to our manufacturers’ by creating demand at all levels of the channel, driving business and increasing market share.  In order to accomplish those goals, we provide the following:

Outside Sales – We have nine outside sales representatives targeting primary and all secondary markets.  Each member of our outside sales team has a geographic responsibility and “owns” that market.  They are responsible for market share growth and penetration.

Inside Sales – A full range of support through customer service, local fulfillment of administrative needs quotations and customer information needed to complete sales.

Communications – We are well equipped to communicate upstream to our manufacturers and downstream to our channel partners – wholesalers, contractors, engineers, builders and showrooms with the right blend of personnel, telecommunications, and networking that delivers the message.

Warehousing – If the market demands it – we provide it.  We can effectively manage both buy/sell and consigned inventories to give our manufacturers the competitive edge.

Training – We believe strongly in training – at all levels of the channel.  We have a 2,000 sq ft training facility, with working product, as a platfrom to educate engineers, contractors or wholesalers.

Technology – We have the ability to coonnect with external manufacturer systems, customers or our people with our own internal systems.  All of our outside sales people are equipped with Blackberries and lap top computers that have air cards for remote access.